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Wow I didn't think I would ever get back to blogging, but I forced myself to sit down and post the pictures I had from the end of last year.
So if anyone wants to see I have back posts from Halloween thru Christmas now. :)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mylee wants to use the Potty

I am such a horrible blogger....does anyone ever check this anymore? Well this is what Mylee has been up to-

So this past week I was getting things ready for a yard sale so I pulled out a lot of stuff from storage and one thing I pulled out was Austin's old potty chair. Mylee pointed to it and asked for it. I put it on the ground and she sat on it. So I sweetly told her no you have to have your diaper off if you want to use it. So I stripped her down and she sat on it, she was extremely happy. Since she was showing interest I thought I would she what she would do. So I put the potty in the bathroom sat her down on it and tried to explain things to her....of course only being 21 months old she just smiled and had no clue what I was saying - or so I thought. After about a half hour of getting on and off the potty I figured she just was playing so I put a pair of Austin's underwear on her and let her enjoy the potty chair. I had her sit on it every 15-20 mins and finally she did it! She went pee in her potty! I was so excited and VERY surprised. She was so obsessed with the chair she probably spent 2 hours in the bathroom.
That night I hid her potty chair (she has yet to ask for it) I was to busy with work and getting a yard sale together I didn't have the time to devote to training like Mylee needed. I know I am horrible but she is only 21-months right now. I think I will be pulling the chair back out next week and actually see what she will do.
Of course I snapped a few pictures of my baby girl...who is turning into a big girl on me. :(

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Shelley Patterson said...

Ayla has been the same way- it's crazy! I think it must be a girl thing. Hunter wasn't half as interested... especially at this age.